Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Writer's New Year

In 2010, I plan to be more productive as a writer. Whether I am writing lesson plans, letters to the editor, letters to Congress, short stories, blog posts, or anything else I might be thumb-typing on my Blackberry, I hope to be better at articulating concrete and meaningful content.

When I look back on my work from weeks, months or years past, I often react like this: "WHAT???" I don't know if that is because I continue to grow as a writer by leaps and bounds, or if it may mean that my writing on paper is not all that it seems to be in my thoughts. Either one (or even both) may very well be the case. However, I do hope to reach a higher level in my writing so I might look back one day and say: "WOW!"

Anybody who would like to share their own writing goals for 2010, please feel free to leave a general note in the comments section. This is one time where being less specific is the request. I don't encourage anyone to divulge their best secret story lines here.

Happy New Year!

Good luck!

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