Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Review: Be A Man!

Be a Man!Be a Man! by Larry Richards

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I truly enjoyed Father Larry's conversational and powerful narrative. This is a clear call for Christian men to be strong in their faith, starting with family and permeating into all other areas of life. Father Larry defines manhood as being in love with God and truth, devoutly serving your wife, modeling morality for your kids, and being an ethical leader at work and in your community. He outlines and discusses these focal points: 1) focus on God, 2) live like a son of God, 3) repent, 4) embrace the Holy Spirit, 5) be strong, 6) be loving, 7) be wise, 8) live as a creation, 9) be holy, and 10) change the world. Of all the significant anecdotal advice, his case for giving every single day to God was most moving for me. Father Larry makes it clear that strong faith is a daily practice, not something only for Sundays or holidays. He also asks, if you would likely attend church for a million dollars, why wouldn't you attend church for eternal life? Father Larry definitely makes his readers think.

This is a very good book for men of faith to read and discuss. For a five-star rating, I would have liked more explanation on the focal points. In my view, Father Larry packs ten books into ten chapters. This is terrific for inspiration and overview-driven discussion, but I would have really enjoyed a more thorough read.

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